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Protective Device Coordination Study

Evaluates an electrical system’s protective devices, including relays, fuses and circuit breakers, and the equipment to which they are applied.

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Short Circuit Study

Calculates the fault current levels throughout the power system. The interrupting duties of the devices being analyzed are compared with the available fault currents.

Load Flow Study

Addresses present electrical system deficiencies or identifies system requirements to meet future demand.

Harmonic Study

Identifies the sources of power system quality issues that can reduce system efficiency and increase operating costs. Harmonics are typically found in facilities with a large number of non-linear loads and electronic equipment.

Motor Starting Analysis


This analysis calculates the voltage, current and the accelerating torque of motors during the starting process.

Switching Transient Modeling and Analysis

Determines stresses that system components are exposed to and recommends corrective measures.

Reliability Analysis

Quantifies the probability that a system or component will operate as intended. These are typically performed for mission critical power systems.

Substation Ground Grid Analysis

Optimizes grid geometry and evaluates high risk areas of the switchyard. Opportunities for risk mitigation are also identified.